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Big Dreams and Small Beginnings

If you ever ask a child what they want to be when they grow up you'll get some of the best answers. I once asked a seven year-old boy and he told me, "I want to be a radio host... and a news reporter, and a farmer, and construction worker, and hmm maybe a children's book author too." After spending some time with him, I realized he truly has the potential to be all of those things. I know this because he would spend his free time either writing a book with scrap paper and markers or bringing out the family iPad to record himself giving a news report or podcast. He carried a special spirit, a childlike wonder, and a relentless energy towards making his dreams come true.

Somewhere in the lines of transitioning out of childhood, we push aside chasing big dreams. However, the beautiful thing about being restored in Christ is that he not only revives your dead dreams but fills you with a life abundant so God can surpass your wildest hopes and dreams. (Eph 3:20) If at some point, you decided to make Jesus the Lord of your life, that means your whole being (past, present and future) is restored and renewed. We put down the old life of sin and shame and we take up our role as God's beloved and he calls us to be visionaries. We aren't meant to walk around the earth confused for the rest of our lives. Scripture says "those who lack vision perish." (Prov 29:18) But not just that, God puts in his creation a personal "God dream" in each of our hearts. We can tell this because when he created Adam, God gave him the responsibility to cultivate the land in the garden. Meaning we are created us to be artists and creators in our very own way. The book of Habakkuk speaks into that by saying, "Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it." (Hab 2:2)

Here's the thing about God dreams. They start teeny tiny. It might be hard to notice them because we live in a society where we must constantly work to make things big and noticeable enough to attract the praise of others. What does God say about that? The bible tells us not to despise the day of small beginnings. (Zechariah 4:10) For you and I, a small beginning might mean we have already taken that first step. When God spoke that to Zechariah, the prophet had only received a vision of the future. Zechariah had not even set his feet on the path to achieve this vision yet. All he saw was a vision of a gold lampstand and God's command was don't take lightly the vision that you received. The prophet wasn't asked to hold on to what he has started, he was asked to cling tightly to what God has started. Just like this, when you and I choose to live a life of honoring God, we will be put on assignment and asked to hold to the vision that God has personally given us.

So, if you've found that God dream for your life, don't shove it to the back of your brain because there isn't fruit from it yet. A small beginning in the kingdom of heaven is bigger than any major accomplishment in the earthly kingdom. If God has put a vision in your heart, don't despise it, cherish it and write it on a surface that you will look at daily. Allow the Holy Spirit to water the vision seed in your heart. If you are figuring out your God dream, pray about it, find people that you trust to pray over it and speak into that area of your life, let the living word speak into it. A good first step is to ask yourself and write down: If you could do anything with your life, (no conditions: money, qualifications, people aren't a matter) what would that look like? Does it line up with the kingdom? Does it line up with your passions?



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