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Appointed and Anointed in Private

I think some people would agree that it’s easier to be a good steward with what is on display for others to see. When you’re entrusted with something and you aren’t the only person who knows, that means there is a community of people to keep you accountable to produce your best work. God doesn’t always entrust us with big and mighty tasks right away. His word says that we are anointed and appointed when we choose to accept him in our lives but everyone’s anointing and appointing looks different in various stages. I want to talk about staying present and joyful and appointed and anointed in private.

David was appointed and anointed while he was still tending his sheep. The people thought that anyone but David would be the next King but God knew that David would take the throne. It’s easy to hear of heroes in the Bible like David, Moses, and Esther but forget about the waiting and shaping process.

There are 3 things I want to encourage you with in regards to waiting in private.

⁃ Keep stewarding what God has given you. If God hasn’t given you what you wanted and desired, it doesn’t me he is hesitant to bless you. What was the last thing that God has entrusted you with? Steward that well because this will be the thing that carries you in to your God-calling.

⁃ Don’t despise the everyday, mundane, waiting in private. Especially with the help of social media, it’s easy to see others post about them living their best lives and feel discouraged while you are in a season of waiting. There is no part of the process that is insignificant. Think about it this way. Jesus waited 30 years to fulfill his calling and in those 30 years, he didn’t just sit around on his couch waiting for Pilate to get him. He sought God day and night on the mountain, fought for the least of these, dined with sinners, and performed miracles. Imagine how little we would know of Jesus let alone his miracle working power if he wasted those 30 years.

⁃ Do something everyday that will bring you closer to the calling that God has for you. If you feel called to be a business leader, invest time everyday to learn and talk with those who have walked the road before you. If you feel called to preach, write a sermon and preach to yourself every week. If you feel called to build a church, make yourself available to get involved in a church. If you don’t know what you are called to, pray, fast, and talk with 1 or 2 people that you trust to speak into your life.



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